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TalliePowerful Mobile Applications

Tallie for iPhone and iPad

Tallie's mobile app for iOS was designed uniquely for Apple iPhone and iPad users.

  • 1-tap to access the camera for receipt photo capture
  • GPS-enabled mileage tracking with address-to-address calculation and start/stop on-trip tracking
  • Expenses automatically added to reports, making submission as simple as a single tap
Additional Mobile Workflow Tools

Tallie's workflow is designed with mobile phone and tablet users in mind.

  • One-tap approval of expense reports from your mobile email client
  • Full browser experience supported in the mobile browser, for use with Windows, BlackBerry or other phone operating systems
Tallie for Android Phones and Tablets

Tallie's mobile app for Android was designed specifically for native Android users.

  • Completely distinct interface from iOS apps, using traditional Android functionality, gestures and icons
  • All the features of the iOS app, including receipt photo capture, GPS-enabled mileage, and expense report status tracking
Learn more about Tallie for Android

TallieCloud-Based In-Browser Software

Simple, Intuitive Interface

Tallie's browser-based experience offers an expense management experience that takes advantage of the latest in user interface technology.

  • Simple drag and drop user interface
    • Drag receipts to your browser
    • Drag expenses between reports
    • Drag to match receipts with imported credit card transactions
  • One-click expense report creation
  • Easy resolution of duplicates + policy violations before report submission
Access Tallie Anywhere

Tallie is Software as a Service, meaning that it is entirely cloud-based. This ensures that Tallie's full functionality can be accessed from any browser, using any internet connection, anywhere in the world.

Learn more about Tallie's best practices approach to Saas

TallieDynamic Expense Generation

Create an Expense via Receipt Photo

Gone are the days of manually creating expenses, then matching them up with receipt images. If you send receipts to Tallie, we will generate the expenses for you. Here are a few ways you can send receipt images to Tallie:

  • Take a photo from the Android or iPhone mobile app
  • Select photos from your Android or iPhone image library
  • Forward an email with HTML receipt content or a receipt attachment to receipts@usetallie.com
  • Drag receipts from your desktop to your browser
Map-Based Mileage Calculations

Claim mileage reimbursement at the standard IRS rate or your company's custom reimbursement rate. Use Tallie's intuitive tools to calculate the amount owed.

  • Auto-calculate mileage and expense based on to/from input in browser or mobile app
  • Trigger mileage tracking with GPS-enabled start/stop functions on Android or iPhone mobile app
  • Tallie dynamically generates a map with origin and destination information for visual reference
Direct Credit Card Transaction Feeds

Take advantage of Tallie's credit card import feature to minimize data entry while also improving accuracy. Tallie has access to thousands of banks and will pull in Merchant, Date, and Amount information.

  • Import corporate and/or personal credit card data from more than 10,000 banks
  • Map company credit card transactions to a General Ledger Account
  • Auto-match credit card expenses with receipts
  • File import also supported

TallieSupercharged Receipt Processing

High-Speed Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

Every receipt image sent to Tallie is run through a comprehensive receipt processing workflow, which begins with our OCR engine.

  • Average receipt processing times of fewer than 60 seconds
  • Receipt images are scanned, isolating merchant, date, and amount data points
  • Merchant names are normalized against an existing merchant database to enhance reliability
Automatic Data Population

Once receipts are scanned, an expense is generated in your Tallie account with the following data:

  • Merchant, date, and amount sourced from the receipt image via OCR and/or human verification
  • Expense category mapped to a General Ledger Account, based on the merchant, amount, and previous categorization behavior
  • Any dimensional classifications pre-assigned to the user, such as department, class, and location
Get the latest updates on Tallie receipt processing

TallieCredit Card Transaction Management

Smart Expense Categorization Based on Behavior

Any system can help you set up rules for classifying or categorizing transactions based on merchant names or credit card company-generated codes. Only Tallie uses learning-based algorithms to deliver transaction categorizations based on your behavior.

  • Create and manage your list of Expense Categories in Tallie, coordinated and mapped to your General Ledger.
  • Default rules are applied to your initial transactions.
  • The system learns new categorizations as you use it, applying logic based on merchant similarity and frequency of categorization.
Corporate Card Delegation and Assignment

When corporate credit cards are managed from a central account, the admin often has to guess at the purpose of a transaction, or chase down a cardholder for source documentation. Not anymore:

  • Connect to one parent corporate card account to access all child card accounts.
  • Assign each child card account to its cardholder in order to deliver transactions into the cardholder's Tallie account.
  • Delegate responsibility for submission, categorization and source documentation to the cardholder.
  • Ensure corporate card transactions flow through the same approval workflow as out of pocket expenses.
Simple Statement Reconciliation Workflow

Credit card transactions can be automatically grouped into expense reports based on your statement start date. This enables administrators to reconcile one Tallie expense report against one credit card statement.

Learn more about automated credit card management

TallieCompliance & Internal Controls

Expense Policy Rules Engine

Corporate expense policies are the backbone of a sound fiscal approach to expense management. With Tallie's policy rules engine, approvers become policy exception reviewers, rather than policy memorizers.

  • Automatically flag out-of-policy expenses for employees
  • Policy violation alerts for approvers and administrators
  • Set rules, such as receipt, project, and other documentation requirements
  • Set expense limits based on expense category, spend threshold, billable status, etc.
Streamline Expense Entry with our Groups Feature

We recognize that your teams have unique needs. Our Groups feature allows you to customize the categories that each team has to choose from. This keeps things simple for your team while also reducing the amount of reclassification work for the accountants.

Smart Duplicate Detection

Each expense is compared against all previous expenses and analyzed for patterns that reveal a likely duplicate expense.

  • Auto-identify duplicate expenses
  • Quickly merge receipts with imported credit card data
  • Hide the possible duplicates flag by indicating the expenses are not duplicates
  • Approvers and administrators always have access to duplicates flag in order to curtail fraud
Learn more about limiting expense reimbursement fraud
Source Documentation + IRS Audit Preparedness

All source documentation is retained in Tallie for the life of your Tallie account.

  • All original receipt images associated with expense line items
  • Pin-drop map image associated with all Mileage calculations for auditing
  • Full credit card transaction detail retained
  • Source documentation and soft copy of expense report with approval history is automatically sent to Bill.com, SmartVault and/or the ERP, as applicable
  • Source documentation lookup enabled by report and expense item filtering
  • Batch print receipts for archival
Get the latest updates from Tallie on IRS compliance

TallieOptions for Custom Expense Coding

Expense Categorization Unique to your GL

When Tallie syncs with your ERP, all accounting lists are pulled in for use during expense categorization and coding, ensuring completeness of line item data on export to your accounting system.

Flexibility to Code to Accounts and/or Items

Depending on the purpose of an expense, it may be better suited for export to a product or service item, rather than an expense account. Tallie affords you the flexibility to specify this on an expense category basis.

  • Product and service items are supported in addition to expense accounts for all integrations, including flat file import/export
  • Choose product or service item mapping to take advantage of your ERP's project accounting features
  • Mapping expenses to product or service items enables a seamless time + materials billing workflow with Avalara sales tax calculation
Billing Options for Project Accounting

Any expense can be marked as billable and tracked against a project and/or customer. Tallie delivers this data through to the accounting system.

  • Manage project access by user and time period
  • Assign project approvers for unique project-based approval routing
  • Flag expenses as billable back to the client
  • Export data simultaneously to your accounting system and a project management system

TallieTools for Global Travelers

Currency + Exchange Rates

No matter the location of your corporate headquarters or the country you may be in as you incur an expense, Tallie is configured to manage your currency needs effortlessly.

  • Set any base currency for your account
  • Track expenses in local foreign currency
  • Set a default currency for users when their expenses are typically incurred in locations other than the home country
  • Tallie uses daily FX spot rate to auto-convert foreign currency transactions
Browser-Derived Localization

Your Tallie experience is customized to your location, based on data Tallie receives from your browser.

  • Time zone, number, and date format settings appropriate to your region
  • Units of measure, such as miles or kilometers, displayed in browser based on locale
  • Foreign language interface translation and localization is available for Key Program customers

TallieIntegrations with Activity-Based Sync

Sage Intacct

Tallie's Intacct integration is our keystone in integration technology, featuring a bidirectional activity-based sync. Any change made to a dimensional record in Tallie is instantly reflected in Intacct, and vice versa.

  • Connect one Tallie account to an Intacct multi-entity shared environment and export to all entities simultaneously
  • Use console credentials to connect to clients or distributed entities in Tallie
  • Map expenses to all Intacct dimensions: accounts, items, projects, customers, vendors, classes, departments, locations, employees, and expense types
  • Display dimensions in Tallie using custom names, just as you see them in Intacct, for instance replacing "classes" with the term "funds" for non-profit organizations
  • Export reimbursable expenses as bills in Accounts Payable or expense reports in Time + Expenses
  • Export corporate credit card transactions as charge card transactions in Cash Management or as bills payable to the credit card vendor in Accounts Payable
  • All project resources settings in Intacct are honored in Tallie project settings
  • Employee managers in Intacct are assigned as employee expense approvers automatically
  • Activity-based sync means no manual sync is required
  • A soft copy of the entire expense report, an accounting distribution and all receipt images is included as an attachment on all transactions exported to Intacct
Learn more about Tallie's Sage Intacct Integration
QuickBooks Online & QuickBooks Desktop

QuickBooks Desktop was the first integration built for Tallie, setting the standard for all further integration development by introducing the first Tallie activity-based sync. Any change made to list data in Tallie is instantly reflected in QuickBooks Online and Desktop, while changes made in QuickBooks are usually reflected in Tallie within an hour.

  • Connect Tallie to QuickBooks Online directly from the QuickBooks Online application by visiting the Apps option in your product navigation
  • Tallie provides a simple + easy migration path from QuickBooks Desktop to QuickBooks Online, as most accounting list data can be transferred using your original Tallie account
  • Tallie manages data delivery to QuickBooks Desktop using a proprietary sync engine called TallieConnect
  • Map expenses to QuickBooks accounting list data, including: accounts, items, customers, jobs, vendors, classes, and employees
  • Export reimbursable expenses as bills or checks, and assign preferences on an individual employee level
  • Export corporate credit card transactions as credit card transactions
  • A soft copy of each receipt is uploaded to QuickBooks Online transactions and can be sent to SmartVault for association with QuickBooks Desktop transactions
LEARN MORE ABOUT Tallie + QuickBooks Online Integration Tallie + QuickBooks Desktop Integration

Tallie's integration with Bill.com enables reimbursement prior to expense reports hitting the general ledger. This integration also features activity-based sync: any change made to list data in Tallie is instantly reflected in Bill.com, while changes made in Bill.com are usually reflected in Tallie within an hour.

  • Connect Tallie to Bill.com in the Bill.com App Center
  • Map expenses to all accounting lists supported by Bill.com for your accounting system
  • Export reimbursable expenses as bills
  • Export corporate credit card transactions as bills payable to the credit card vendor
  • A soft copy of the entire expense report, an accounting distribution and all receipt images is included as an attachment on all transactions exported to Bill.com
  • Tallie works seamlessly with Bill.com, no matter your accounting system
  • Tallie can be configured to simultaneously export data to both Bill.com and QuickBooks Online or Desktop
Learn more about Tallie's Bill.com Integration

Xero is our newest integration for Tallie activity-based sync. Any change made to list data in Tallie is instantly reflected in Xero, while changes made in Xero are usually reflected in Tallie within an hour.

  • Find Tallie in the Xero Add-On Marketplace
  • Map expenses to Xero accounts, items, suppliers, employees and both tracking categories
  • Display tracking categories in Tallie with the same names as you have chosen in Xero
  • Export reimbursable expenses as bills
  • Export corporate credit card transactions as bank transactions
  • A soft copy of the entire expense report, an accounting distribution and all receipt images is included as an attachment on all transactions exported to Xero
  • Tallie offers comprehensive support for all Xero regions, no matter the operating currency
Learn more about Tallie's Xero Integration
Oracle NetSuite

Our Oracle NetSuite Integration offers real-time export of expense reports and corporate card charges into NetSuite as Bills for immediate payment. As with all of Tallie’s integrations, our activity-based sync eliminates the need to maintain two separate systems. This allows you to continue to use NetSuite as your single source of truth for all accounting matters.

  • Automatically create bills in NetSuite from your Tallie reports, including receipts and all other supporting information
  • Token-based sync ensures very low overhead to maintain the integration
  • Rapid sync and exports reduce the chance for error, allowing you to move on to the next task
Learn more about Tallie's Oracle NetSuite Integration

TallieFlexible Approval Chain Configuration

Multi-Layered Approval Chains

Each expense can pass through a variety of approval controls specified by your company.

  • Configure manager approvers on an employee basis
  • Assign a default approver whenever an approver has not been specified
  • Create a global approver whose sign off is required on all expenses
  • Unique expense approval routing on a project basis
  • Automatic spend-based approval routing
  • Supports complex approval chains
Expense-Based Approver Assignment

Expense submitters do not need to organize their reports by common approvers. Instead, Tallie will break up these reports into smaller components for review by the appropriate approvers on an as-needed basis.

Monetary Approval Level Configurations

Spend-based limits assign unique approvers to expenses on the basis of their total amount.

  • Higher spend items pass through multiple layers of approval automatically
  • Expense submitters assigned a higher approval level are granted greater spend limits before multiple layers of approval are applied
Learn more about approval chains in Tallie

TallieData Transfer & Analytics

Multi-Systems Export

No matter if you take advantage of Tallie's native accounting integrations, exporting data from Tallie is powerful and straightforward.

  • Configure a profile for each export destination, or choose from one of Tallie's pre-configured templates
  • One-click multi-destination export can generate any number of flat files in addition to transferring data directly into Bill.com, QuickBooks Online, QuickBooks Desktop, Xero, or Intacct
  • Generate a payroll file for immediate reimbursement, compatible with any payroll vendor, including Paychex, ADP, My Payroll HR, SurePayroll, and ZenPayroll
  • Deliver billable expenses to the practice management software of your choice, including Practice Engine, STAR, CHH, and Thomson Reuters
Repository for Data Analysis

Any expense ever tracked in Tallie is accessible from Tallie's analytics page.

  • Run analytics and reports for all expenses
  • Sort data based on merchant, category, user, class, project, etc., over any time period
  • Narrow your parameters to corporate card expenses to run an accrual report
  • Export to CSV, TSV, or XLS

TallieCutting Edge Technology & Security

Data Protection + Certification

Tallie has undergone a rigorous security review process in order to submit for SOC I, Type 1 certification. The following are examples of processes and protections in place to guarantee that security. A more complete document may be available upon request.

  • Tallie does not access, store, or alter financial statements or account balances
  • Tallie uses third party PCI compliant credit card transaction data providers, meaning Tallie does not have direct access to card funds and does not store sign-in credentials
  • Password security is evaluated on the basis of susceptibility to computerized hacking, with limitation in place to restrict brute force attacks
  • Certified, firewalled, redundant cloud servers distributed across a variety of physical machines to reduce susceptibility of unexpected or unforeseeable failure
  • Data is stored on private cloud servers indefinitely, unless or until a request is made in writing to Tallie by the client

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