Our Story

In 2007, two CFOs shared a bias that financial software should do more. The process had to be simpler. What could software do if those who designed it had to use it?

The answer came through doing, asking, listening, and doing again. Refining. Retesting. Turning fixes into features. In a complex software category, we designed a solution with the people who needed it.

In 2012, we went back to lab again. Software became smart. Platforms became open. The Mobile Workforce moved users out of the office. Our software needed to do more.

The right expense process started at the point of purchase. Smart software matched transactions, caught errors, and understood a company's general ledger. This solution synchronized with other systems and saved users from manual updates. With our new software, every part of the workflow improved. Work eliminated. Process accelerated. Value created.

Today, we guide, listen, and improve with our users and industry experts. Leading people safely into the cloud. Discovering new ways to create clarity and ease. Steadily raising the bar for ourselves and cloud accounting workflows. We're just getting started.

Welcome to our story.

Our Time


First QTR
  • Lurie Deploys Tallie as Expense Report Software Solution
  • Supporting Strategies Selects Tallie as Preferred Expense Manangement Solution


Fourth QTR
  • HoganTaylor Deploys Tallie as Expense Report Software Solution
  • Time to upgrade! Tallie Expense Report App v3.3 Released for Android & iOS
Second QTR
  • Rehmann Selects Tallie as Exclusive Expense Management Solution for its SkyBooks Cloud Solution
  • Tallie wins CPA Practice Advisor Technology Innovation Award for Intacct Integration
  • Tallie Expense Report App: iOS v3.0 is Here!
  • McGladrey Selects Tallie as an Expense Management Solution
  • Tallie and Practice Engine Partner to Provide Leading Expense Management for Top U.S. Accounting Firms
First QTR
  • PEX Visa Prepaid Card and Tallie Launch Integrated Expense Management Solution
  • Tallie First Expense Management Solution to Offer CPE


Fourth QTR
  • Tallie Integrates With Intacct for Automated Expense Management Solution
  • SingerLewak Selects Tallie For Expense Report Management
  • Tallie Endorsed as CPA Practice Advisor “Top 9 Must-Have Apps for Accounting Professionals“
Third QTR
  • Tallie Announces New Android App for Expense Report Management
Second QTR
  • Maryland Association of CPAs announces Tallie for CPA expense reporting
  • Tallie wins CPA Practice Advisor Technology Innovation Award
  • Tallie finalist for American Business Association Stevie Award for Support
  • Quickbooks Online Integration
First QTR
  • Tallie's Bill.com integration chosen as model for Bill.com Developer Program
  • SingerLewak standardizes expense management process with Tallie
  • Tallie selected by its first Top 100 Accounting Firm BPO partner


Fourth QTR
  • Boomer Consulting selects Tallie as expense reporting solution
  • Rootworks selects Tallie for CPA exense reporting
  • BMRG selects Tallie as their expense management solution
  • Sleeter Group showcases Tallie at Solutions13 Conference as model for "SuperChunk"
  • Tallie wins Sleeter 2014 Awesome Application Award
  • Accounting-Department.com becomes an affiliate
Third QTR
  • Tallie and Bill.com partner for Bill.com's App Center
  • Bill.com Integration
  • Tallie gains its first Top 10 Accounting Firm Affiliate
Second QTR
  • Top 50 fastest-growing startup (Inc. Magazine)
  • SmartVault integration
  • 2,000 customers, 92,135 licenses


Third QTR
  • Top 50 fastest-growing startup (Inc. Magazine)
  • Quickbooks Desktop integration
  • Tallie Mobile Apps for iPhone and Android Launched
First QTR
  • Tallie Project Offsite & Brainstorm


Third QTR
  • 1,000 customers, 43,891 licenses


Fourth QTR
  • SpringAhead wins Sleeter Group Awesome Add-on Award
First QTR
  • SpringAhead Ranks No. 1 for both Time & Billing and Expense on Intuit Marketplace


Third QTR
  • SpringAhead Launched as a 3-person SaaS startup in San Francisco
  • Tallie Team
  • Awards & Recognition
  • Partnerships
  • Integrations