Tallie Expense Report Product

Tallie is business software that automates the entire expense report workflow from point of purchase all the way to accounting & reimbursement.

Employee Workflow

Learn more about how Tallie streamlines the employee expense report workflow.

Capture Expenses

Tallie captures expense data from a variety of sources, minimizing the need for data entry.

Credit Card Import

Credit card charges can be imported automatically, or by transaction.


Tallie will generate expense items from any receipt image sent to receipts@usetallie.com

Drag & Drop

Receipt images can be drag & dropped directly from the desktop into Tallie.

Mileage Calculation

Tallie will calculate & map driving expense, based on origin & destination

Automatic Expense Item Creation

Tallie uses imported expense data to intelligently create and categorize expense items.

Automatic expense item creation
Receipt Scan

Tallie uses powerful proprietary algorithms to identify key expense data (Merchant, Date and Total) and create expense items from imported receipt data.


Expense items are mapped to company's unique expense categories based on past usage behavior, powered by Tallie's proprietary machine learning technology.

Automated Error Prevention

Tallie alerts employees to potential issues that could prevent expense report approval.


Tallie identifies and merges matching credit card transactions and receipt-based expenses.

Duplicate Detection

Tallie flags any potential duplicates based on relative similarity of Merchant, Date and Total data.

Policy Check

Tallie flags expense items that fall outside of customized company policies, and provides informative policy descriptions.

Automated Report Compilation

Each new expense is aggregated onto an expense report. At the end of the month (or credit card billing cycle), Tallie emails a copy of the report as a reminder to submit, complete with expense details and assets (receipt images & mileage maps).

Review & Submit

Within their Tallie accounts, employees can edit and review expense items, as well as create and submit reports at any time. Tallie will notify the employee if overdue expenses have not yet been submitted. Reports can be submitted online or via mobile device with the Tallie app on iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.

Automated Status Alerts

automated status alerts

Tallie notifies employees of unsubmitted overdue expenses. Once an expense report has been submitted for approval, employees can track the status of the report by logging into their online Tallie account. Employees will receive email updates as the report passes each step of the approval and export chain.

Management Workflow

Learn about how Tallie streamlines the management expense report workflow.

Automated Report Delivery

Once an employee has submitted an expense report, Tallie delivers that report to the employee's manager via email. Included with the report are the following:

Receipt Images

Tallie visually indicates when receipts are provided by employees, which allows managers the option to click through and view all original images.

Policy Check

Tallie flags expense items that are out of company policy, and provides policy descriptions for managers to review.

Duplicate Detection

Tallie flags any potential duplicates based on relative similarity of Merchant, Date and Total data.

One-Click Approval

Each report provides a link for managers to approve directly from the email client.

Approve or Reject

Managers can approve reports with one-click, directly from the email client. Alternatively, managers can login to Tallie to review report details before approving or rejecting.

Accounting Workflow

Learn about how Tallie streamlines the accounting expense report workflow.

Setup & Configuration

One-on-one implementations with a Tallie Product Expert are recommended for every new Tallie account. During this process, the Product Expert will walk the accountant through the following steps:

1. Direct Data Sync

Populate Tallie with key accounting data direct from QuickBooks or Bill.com. Data can be imported from additional sources via flat file.

2. User Accounts

Create accounts for each employee and manager, assigning correct permissions and mapping to accounting system entries.

3. Expense Category Management

Use default Tallie expense categories or create new ones, then map to the general ledger. Create groups to manage category permissions.

4. Approval Chain Customization

Build custom approval chains, dependent on project, department and spend, plus create & assign global approver responsibilities.

5. Policy Rules

Use Tallie's policy engine to implement automated checks against current company expense policies.

6. Export Option Selection

Configure export settings to deliver expenses to a variety of destination combinations, including accounting, payroll, bill pay and document storage.

Review & Initiate Export

When it is time to deliver expense information to the accounting, payroll and/or bill payment system, the accountant has the option to review each expense report, then export each report individually or as a group.

Direct Data Export

Depending on the destination systems selected, Tallie will deliver critical expense data to a combination of accounting, payroll, bill payment and document storage systems.

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Mine Data

Tallie's analytics engine provides accountants with detailed spend reporting, with advanced chart options and CSV download functionality.

Credit Card Reconciliation

Filter data by date and expense type to pull a reconciliation report for each statement.

Accrual Reporting

Filter data by expense type to identify any non-exported accrued expenses.

Custom Data Visualizations

Display data charts filtered by Date, Merchant, Category, Project, Department, Person, Type & Status.

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