Product WorkflowHow Tallie Expense Report Software Works

Capture expenses anywhere with your phone or tablet

Snap a Receipt Photo

When the cashier hands you a receipt, snap a photo, then throw the receipt away. Tallie will create an expense based on the receipt image, reading the receipt for pertinent data such as merchant, date and amount. Tallie's learning algorithms will even help code your expenses.

Watch a Video of a Tallie Mobile Receipt Scan

Direct Credit Card Transaction Import

Connect Tallie directly to your bank account for any credit card, including corporate credit cards. Choose to import charges automatically, or by transaction.

Track Mileage as You Travel

As you begin your drive, simply initiate Tallie mileage tracking by tapping Start in the mileage screen. When you've arrived at your destination, simply tap Stop. Prefer to report your mileage after the fact? Simply enter departure and destination addresses into the mapping interface and Tallie will calculate the mileage traveled.

Forward Receipts to Tallie

Tallie quickly and accurately reads email receipts. Simply forward receipts from merchants such as Amazon and Uber to Tallie. Tallie will recognize your email address and automatically generate the expense.

Let Tallie do the heavy lifting

On top of intuitive expense capture methods, Tallie automatically processes expenses to intelligently create and categorize all items on your expense report.

Receipt Data Scan

Tallie uses powerful, true Optical Character Recognition (OCR) algorithms to identify key expense data for import into Tallie in mere seconds, not hours or days.

Automated Credit Card Matching

Tallie's proprietary Duplicate Identification technology will automatically match credit card transactions with receipts for your review.


Tallie learns how to automatically code your transactions based on experience. This saves your team time and reduces errors.

Expense Report Assignment

Tallie automatically bundles your expenses into reports. You can choose to drag and drop transactions between reports or submit them with a single click.

Submit your expense reports with confidence

Tallie points out potential duplicate transactions and policy violation prior to expenses being submitted. This allows employees to make corrections quickly and reduces the number of rejected expense reports.

Mapping & Coding

Tallie tracks your expenses for strong managerial accounting. Customize your expense categories and up to five additional fields including Customer, Job, Class, Department and Location. You can also rename each field to fit your business.

Duplicate Detection

Tallie detects potential duplicates by comparing each expense item against all other expenses in your account. Tallie presents potential duplicate items next to each other for quick resolution.

Expense Policy Check

Set your policies and Tallie will flag the exceptions. For absolute clarity, each exception includes a customized, detailed description of the policy. Policies may be configured as strict requirements or warnings.

Expense Report Approver Assignment

Tallie offers multiple approval configurations including Manager approvers, Project Manager approvers as well as dollar-based approval routing. Talk to a Tallie product expert for additional details.

Clear, consistent communication

Tallie keeps tab of outstanding items and automatically reminds your team when it's their turn to act.

Submission Reminders

At the end of each month, Tallie notifies employees of unsubmitted expenses.

Approver Notifications

Tallie informs approvers when expenses are submitted for review. Tallie also sends a gentle reminder when submitted reports remain outstanding.

Approval Alerts

Tallie automatically notifies the employee once their expense report is approved.

Status Tagging

Employees can easily track the status their reports and remind approvers at the touch of a button.

Approve/reject from anywhere in the world

Tallie sends approvers all the detail they need. Managers can check all the details, view receipts and approve or reject expenses with a single click or tap on email.

Source Documentation

Your team can enter and view source documentation such as receipt images and mileage maps via browser or mobile.

Line Item Detail

All mapping & coding assigned on expense items can be viewed via email. This ensures a quick, complete review.

Comment or Correct

Accountants and administrators can edit and annotate reports prior to sending them to the accounting system.

Internal Controls

The same duplicate detection and expense policy flags displayed to the expense submitter are displayed to approvers and administrators.

Configure Tallie exactly for your business

Whether you are operating a multi-location enterprise or a small family business, you can configure Tallie to your needs.

Direct Data Sync with Your ERP

Tallie connects directly to your QuickBooks Desktop, QuickBooks Online, Intacct, Xero and/or accounts. Once connected, Tallie automatically imports the information you need for a quick setup and easy ongoing maintenance. Data can also be imported from other systems via nightly data feed.

Streamline the User Experience

Tallie understands that your engineering team doesn't need to see all of the projects and expense categories that your marketing team sees. Tallie allows you to tailor what each person and/or team sees, speeding the time to enter data and reducing the number of misclassifications.

Custom Expense Categories for your General Ledger

Create the expense categories you need and map them to your accounts. Each expense category can be mapped to accounts or items for accurate tracking. Plus, if you're integrated with Intacct, sync over your Expense Types from your ERP!

Multi-Layered Flexible Approval Chains

Tallie supports multi-level approval chains. Add manager approvers, project approvers and/or spend thresholds for each approver.

Corporate Expense Policy Rules Engine

Use Tallie's policy engine to enforce corporate spend guidelines. Tallie allows you to create rules by expense category and/or by spend limit. These rules can include requiring receipts, project names, business purpose descriptions, etc.

Classifications & Custom Fields

Select the level of detail that you'd like the track expenses. In addition to expense category, Tallie provides five customizable fields to attribute expenses to. These include Customer, Job, Class, Department and Location. Each field can be custom named and exported to your accounting system, as applicable.

Experience unparalleled continuous integration

Tallie builds and supports all of its accounting integrations. These award-winning integrations are provide you with the confidence that every export will be smooth and accurate.

Leverage Tallie for corporate credit card management

Streamline and simplify your credit card accounting process with Tallie.

Smart Transaction Coding

Tallie imports your credit card transactions and learns how to code them. Our machine learning algorithms become smarter the more transactions you import. Also, Tallie can automatically assign Departments, Classes and Locations based on users and/or projects.

Assign Cards to Cardholders

Tallie will import corporate credit cards with multiple accounts. Administrators can then assign each card to the appropriate individual. This process allows administrators to control the process and streamlines the team's experience.

Group Reports by Statement

If you provide your billing cycle dates to Tallie, the system will group corporate credit card charges by statement. This eases the reconciliation process for the accounting department.

Run Accrual Reports

Tallie makes it easy to calculate your month-end expense accrual. Simply run the accrual report to see all of the expenses that have yet to be submitted and/or exported to your accounting system.

Award-winning customer support options for all users

Our Product Experts are available to all users via live chat, email or phone between the hours of 7am and 6pm Pacific Time, Monday through Friday. Reach us at or +1 888.874.1118 x2.

One-on-One Implementations

A Tallie Product Expert will help configure your account unique to the needs of your business and configure your ERP sync. Pricing starts at $300.

All-Inclusive User Training

Tallie offers weekly and bi-weekly end user, approver and administrator training webinars to all customers and free trial account holders.

Upgrade to the Key Program

Customers and accounting partners can benefit from additional strategic services and dedicated support by signing up for the Tallie Key Program.

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